Saturday, December 09, 2006

Oceanside One Man Outrigger Race
"The Turn"
Oceanside Race

click here to download


Anonymous said...

cup cake at the end.

dimsumdolly said...

Your blog's a great resource for OC! We don't get the really nice and big waves here in Singapore, most of the runners we get are caused by vessels going up and down the channel! But at least I can paddle vicariously through the videos you put up!

I just bought myself my first OC paddle - a Xylo hybrid P2 blade. A teammate of mine who also placed an order for the same blade brought it back from Australia on one of his trips there. So we saved on freight. I'm so pleased with it!

Hopefully, I'll get to OC in different parts of the world in time to come.

Also, thanks for both times you commented on my blog! :)

surfwahine said...

Great footage ... wow lots of racers !
See, you didn't have to say a word, the music set it off :)
I'll get it someday!

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Anonymous said...

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