Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Catalina to Dana Point Outrigger Canoe Race

My Catalina
Sorry didn't get much in the way of paddling except for what was around us.
click here to download
Special video segment from Molly Bishop


Surfwahine said...

Too cool! you go Mindy!
Molly can video you anytime! great job to see you (Mindy) in action!!!

Molly said...

Molly hopes to be paddling with Mindy and not video-ing too much! :)


Rambo said...

Hi Mindy, it's Rambo at this stage i don't have 2006 Womens Molokai video but i do have some of the earlier ones like 1999 and earlier. Most likely the ones you were in. Are these of interest to you?

Cheers Rambo