Monday, May 14, 2007

1st Race of the 2007 Season

Crystal Pier Women
Novice and Men's Race Video may take me a week or so. I had a new (used) camara that i was testing out. The footage is way better, but i am having a problem down loading it to my computer. I think that the connection to the camara is bad. I am getting it fixed right now.
click here to download


Molly said...

Good thing you let us know that Pua filmed that. I was going to idolize you even more thinking that you could film the whole canoe race and still steer the NAC master women to a 1st place masters, 5th place overall finish!! You are good Mindy Clark!

But next year you'll have to miss that race because you'll be in Kauai with me and all of the fun kids!! :)

Surfwahine said...

that was great!!!!!