Monday, June 18, 2007

Join Danny Ching and friends trash talking at Tacos n Surf after the Ventura Race.
Party with Danny

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Molly said...

What's more funny is how much more of that video there was and not so tame... :)

MINDY CLARK was hangin' out! Whoo hoo!


Rambo said...

Mindy, i think you need to extend the race distance, those guys still had heaps of energy to burn. Haahaaaa.

Cheers Rambo

Johnny o said...

Hey Mindy,,,, just where in the heck did Cornejo get that hat? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

My daughter says he looks like Mogly in the movie "The Jungle Book"!!!

And,,, he beat her with pillows when we were out of the house one night,,, my daughter said it was because he was drunk,,, and she was scared,,,,, lol,,, hehehehehehe

Luv ya Corn Doggy!!!!!