Saturday, September 01, 2007

What happened to
Santa Barbara State Championships?

The Circus

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Cyn said...

Great fun. Love the music. Thank you Mindy for your effort in documenting and promoting outrigger canoe racing!

Rambo said...

I want some of what ever is in their drink bottle, crazy ... crazy ... crazy ... my kind of people. Hahaahaaa.

You could have a future in comedy production Mindy !!!!


Anonymous said...

...found you and the blog through Beach Walks with Rox - love the video and all the fun, totally positive energy, mahalo!

Jonnie From San Diego

Heather said...

Do you happen to have or know who has the Kai Elua novice skit on film? I saw bits an pieces in your compilation and wondered if it was floating out there whole?

My email is


CarolG said...

Mindy - Awesome job! It was so entertaining to see the second time through your eyes! CarolG