Sunday, September 28, 2008

Na Wahine O Ke Kai

Molo 08 Sat


Anonymous said...

Nice job, editing on the go and the singing, very nice. Can you do that in between changes tomorrow? Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Thank you for doing this it's great!

Anonymous said...

Thank you providing the threads uniting paddlers worldwide.
Dan Brown
Northern California

Anonymous said...

Hi Mindy-
I love the song that plays through out and ends with the surprise that local youth are singing it! Great job editing that! Do you know what that song is called? It is so beautiful, I would love to get a copy of it.

Mindy said...

No i don't know the name of the song. All i know is that they said it was a love song. I did hear it on the radio when i was in Hawaii. The group of girls that are singing are from Molokai. They played in town that morning.