Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My team was hanging out on the dock after the Dana Point 9-man race talking about changes.
So here are a few tips on doing changes for the girls.

Changing tips
Thanks to Kristen and Maria for the demonstrations.
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Molly said...

WOW! Our team is good ... and good looking to boot!

XO, Molly

Kare said...

Now you tell me! I was just getting use to having bruises all over my body. I think Im going to work on the "hooker" method; mom will be so proud.

Rambo said...

Mindy, quite a few guys could benefit from the "leg over in" style, but do you think they can be convinced to try it. No way they say, only girls do it that way. Me being liteweight (70kg) and an ex Gymnast i have no problems getting in in one movement, in fact i have actually cleared the canoe completley and landed in the water over the otherside. Hahaaa. But i have been caught out when doing a one person changeover, as the canoe is moving that much faster and doesn't slow when you grab hold. In that situation a leg over is my preferred entry.

Anonymous said...

today was my first attempt at paddling, I think molly may have some video of "the mother method" i will refer to this at a later date when I know more....(^_^)molly's mom

Roxanne said...

This was great! You girls made them all look easy, even on a stationary canoe. Sure is convenient to have a dock standing by handy. :-)

Anonymous said...

This was so totally helpful!!!!
From a first year paddler