Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oceanside 9-Man Outrigger Race
Oceanside 9-man
Sorry girls only got the mens race this time
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Rambo said...

Nice work again Mindy, you're getting a very steady hand there. Not easy to capture jerk free footage from a boat eh. Hope my "Bimbo World" sound clip at the end of my last video didn't offend you ladies over there, it's just so funny and you have to do what you have to do to keep the videos entertaining, right? Haaha.

Cheers Rambo

Mindy said...

Hey Rambo,

So much of the footage is very jerky. I think i take about 30 to 40 minutes of footage and only get about 3 to 4 minutes out of it for the final cut.

Nope not offended at all.
I loved the music on your video,

Rambo said...

Cool, mindy you may be interested in a stabilizer for your camera. It's a really simple device that allows you to run/walk etc and the resultant video produced is substantially more like what professional broadcast or studio cameras produce. I made mine for under $20 and the difference is amazing. If used on a support boat it will hold position on your subject even when the boat rocks. It looks like this (paste URL in your browser)

I'm doing a feature on it on the blog soon including a with and without video comparison. They can also be purchased commercially. The videos turn out like you are flying smoothly thru the air rather than jerky motions.

Cheers Rambo